Just like in a web browser, Marta has Favorites to which you can add locations you visit the most. By default, Marta provides a few common locations such as “Downloads”, “Desktop” and “Library”. Surely, you can add you own folders to the list, and also organize them hierarchically.

Using Favorites

Open the “Favorites” action from the Action panel (or use the ⌥2 hotkey) to access the favorites menu. Items on the top can be selected with pressing number keys. E.g., in the screenshot below, pressing 2 will move you to the “Downloads” folder.

Favorites screenshot

Adding Favorites

Marta provides the “Add to Favorites” action which adds the current folder to the bottom of the list.

Organizing Favorites

There’s a “Edit Favorites” action which opens the text editor.

Favorites editor screenshot

The syntax is straightforward:

Here is an example configuration:

Home "~"
Downloads "${user.downloads}"
Documents "${user.documents}"
Desktop "${user.desktop}"
Library "${user.library}"
Applications "${all.applications}"

Separator1 null

Work {
    Projects "~/Work/Projects"
    UX "~/Work/UX"

    Contracts {
        Payments "~/Work/Contracts/Payments"
        Other "~/Work/Contracts/Other"

"Hobby Projects" {
    Embroidery "~/Documents/Embroidery"
    Podcasts "~/Podcasts"

In paths, you can use the following path variables (syntax is ${user.applications}):