File Manager for macOS.
Native. Extensible. Fast. :rocket:

Marta screenshot

Fully Native

Marta is a native macOS application written entirely in Swift. Not only it allows for a native experience, the application is also blazingly fast.

Keyboard Support

Click or press. Whenever you prefer to use a keyboard or a mouse, you will feel comfortable in Marta. All hotkeys are customizable.

Your Privacy Matters

Marta doesn't collect or sell your data. There's no hidden functionality or backdoors. And will never be.

Navigating through nested ZIP archive

Archive Support

Work with archives as with folders on your Mac. Marta opens and writes ZIP archives, and opens RAR, 7Z, XAR, TAR, ISO, CAB, LZH and many more formats.

You can even look through and edit files in nested archives!

Configuration file

Fully Customizable

Designed for power users in mind, Marta provides a vast of configuration options. Instead of cluttered tabs where you can't find anything, there's a streamlined DSL that makes configuration editing and sharing a trivial matter.

Theme overview

Theme Support

Marta comes with five polished themes. Whether you like light or dark background, there's one for you. There's even a white-on-blue theme for ones who truly remember the roots. Needless to say, you can create your own themes.

Marta action example

Plugin API

Adapt Marta for your needs by writing plugins. Marta provides the extensive Lua API that allows writing a plugin just in a couple of minutes. API reference and tutorials are available in the API documentation page.

Other Features

Actions Panel

No need in strolling through menus. Pressing ⌘⇧P opens the Action Panel from where you can run any action.

Quick Search

Navigate through a list of files instantly with a substring or a regular expression.

Look Up

Find files in a moment with system-global file search powered by macOS indices.

Windows and Tabs

Don't feel cramped. Open as many windows and tabs as you want.

Show Hidden Files

Marta doesn't hide the file system from you. Navigate wherever you want. Make hidden files visible with a single hotkey.


Press Space to open a preview for a file, just like in Finder.

Task Queue

Control all ongoing file operations from a single place. Pause and resume them as you want.

Disk Usage

Find what consumes all your precious disk space with "Analyze Disk Usage".

Built-in Terminal

Open a terminal with a two-way directory synchronization right from a file pane.