Pane Columns

You can change displayed columns with the “Edit columns” action. It will show you a format string, by changing which you can specify columns, their sizes and text alignment.

Column specification format: [alignment]columnName[:size]. Alignment is either > (align to right) or < (align to left). Size is an integer number. Alignment and size are optional.

For example, >extension:50,size,added:100 defines three columns: a path extension column (with right alignment and width = 50), a size column (with default alignment and size), and an added date column (width = 100).

Available column names:

Column typeMeaning
sizeFile size
created“Created at” date
modified“Modified at” date
added“Added at” date
extensionPath extension
permissionsCompactPermissons (rwx format)
permissionsCompactPermissions (octal format)

Note that you can change date, time and size format:

behavior {
    relativeDate true

    dateFormat {
        normal "%-d %b %Y"

    timeFormat {
        separator " at "
        normal "%-H:%M"

    sizeFormat "adaptive"

dateFormat and timeFormat accept BSD-style format strings.

Valid values for sizeFormat are: adaptive, adaptiveKibi, bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB, KiB, MiB, GiB, TiB.