You can create custom actions (gadgets) that run external tools. There are two types of gadgets:

🐧 Gadgets are regular actions. They have an action identifier, and you can bind hotkeys to them.

Adding an application launcher

Gadgets are configured in conf.json.

gadgets [
        id "gadget.action.identifier"
        name "Action name"
        type "application"
        application "Application Name"
        "files" [ "${active.selection.paths}" ]

You can use state variables in files. Here is the list of available variables:

Variable nameDescription
${active.selection.paths}Selected item paths (active pane) (*)
${active.selection.names}Selected item names (active pane) (*)
${inactive.selection.paths}Selected item paths (inactive pane) (*)
${inactive.selection.names}Selected item names (inactive pane) (*)
${current.file.path}Current file path (active pane)
${}Current file name (active pane)
${active.folder.path}Current folder path (active pane)
${inactive.folder.path}Current folder path (inactive pane)
${user.home}User home directory

Variables with an asterisk mark (*) might be substituted to several arguments (if several files are selected).