Changing themes

Marta comes with a few preinstalled themes (click on the “▼” arrow to see the screenshot).

Kon theme screenshot
Dark theme screenshot
Classic theme screenshot
Sakura theme screenshot
Commander theme screenshot

Changing a Theme (using the “Switch Theme” action)

Open the Actions panel and run the Switch Theme action.

Marta will display you a list of all available themes with instant preview. Select the theme you want and press “Enter”.

Changing a Theme (in the configuration file)

behavior {
    theme "Kon"

Adding custom themes

You can put custom themes to ~/Library/Application Support/org.yanex.marta/Themes. Marta will show them in the “Switch Theme” action.

🐧 Use the Open configuration directory for fast access to the Themes directory.

There is no documentation for creating custom themes, yet the format is straightforward. Feel free to use the bundled theme files ( as a reference.