Embedded Terminal

Marta has an embedded terminal called etty. The terminal window is shown under the status bar; each pane has its own pty session.

Press Cmd+O to open the terminal. Then you can quickly switch between it and your file list by pressing the same hotkey. If you want to hide etty, press Cmd+Alt+O. It’s easy to remember: Cmd+O changes focus, and Cmd+Alt+O toggles visibility.

🐧 Even being hidden, the shell process is still running. Press Ctrl+D if the shell is not needed anymore.

You can configure the terminal theme, font, used shell and environment variables in Preferences. Refer to the default configuration to see all available options.

By default, the session’s current directory is two-way synchronized with the pane’s directory. Note that the current directory won’t be changed for nested shells, including ssh sessions.

Adding Custom Themes

You can put custom themes to ~/Library/Application Support/org.yanex.marta/Themes. Note that terminal themes must have the .ettyTheme extension.

🐧 Use the Open configuration directory for fast access to the Themes directory.

There is no documentation for creating custom themes, yet the format is straightforward. Feel free to use the bundled theme files (Marta.app/Contents/Resources/Themes) as a reference.